Saturday, 13 August 2016

Download Talking Tom Cat 2 v5.1 Latest APK for Android

All of you are well aware about the Talking Tom Cat, which is an entertainment application for android devices, in which there is a small and cute cat, which imitates your voice whenever you speak something in front of her and much more funny actions she do for you. The first edition of talking tom Cat has been become most popular among Android users. Now following its popularity, developers have developed new edition of Talking Tom Cat and that is Talking Tom Cat 2, so here the luminary of Talking Tom Cat is back with new modification and new features and much better than its previous edition. Therefore, we are delivering you the latest edition of Talking Tom Cat here on our website, which you can download by clicking on download link that we have provided you at the end of this article. 
Download Talking Tom Cat 2 Latest APK for Android 
In previous edition, cat was unable to speak for long time as she speaks for less than five seconds, but now in latest version of Talking Tom Cat 2 tom speaks for long time. You can sing a funny song in front of her and she will repeat that song for you, apart from that you can create funny songs by recording its funny imitation of yours to share with your friends as the video record option is already built in Talking Tom Cat 2. Although most of the features are same but there are some new features has been added to app such as, you can make her to scratch on her body as well as you can do tickling on her body or you can strike on her head, then she will reacts in a hilarious way, which will definitely going to make you LOL. Location of cat have been changed in new edition now the cat has her own apartment. Another best feature is that now you can play a short game with Tom to score Gold Coins. Talking Tom Cat 2 is a very useful App for mothers mostly because it is so much difficult to entertain their kids every time by staying with them always but now they can download this app and install it on their device launch the app and just give it their children and Tom will better handle their kids.
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