Friday, 5 August 2016

Download Vector v1.2.0 Latest APK for Android

Victor is a Game App Apk for Android tablets, smartphones, mobiles and other android devices. This Game is inspiration of Walkway, parkour and athletic. The game is based on the story of a person, who runs from imperialistic and authoritarian world to a liberal world or in other word the free world. The story of Victor Game App is totally moves around the political struggle of the player as I said he tries to bunk from suppression and autocratic society to free world, while the villain of the Game tries to bring him back to that imperialistic world by chasing him. 
Download Vector v1.2.0 Latest APK for Android
Download Vector  Latest APK for Android 
Victor Game App Apk is totally worthy of appreciation due to its fantastic and stunning graphics, which are so much vivid and vibrant. To stay secure from big brother (villain of the game), who is chasing you in the game you have to run, glide, scramble, use stunning and breathtaking stunts and techniques. There is a mission of the player in the game, which is to run away from dictatorial world to free world, in order to do so player needs to run securely while player have to score points and complete different levels in the game. According to my analyses, this game is developed for all the people without age discrimination. This game is totally based on the parkour sport’s rules and regulations. Player has to complete almost 20 levels in the game, which will be, no doubt most challenging and adventurous for android users. The complexity and sophistication of game increases when player enters into next levels. Although there more levels in Deluxe Version but player needs to pay money for playing those levels. Apart from this player can play online to compete with veterans of Victor Game App Apk.
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