Saturday, 27 August 2016

Download Winamp Music Player v1.4.15 Latest APK for Android

Winamp Music Player App Apk is a music player for android mobiles phones. There are lots of media players already built-in Android device by manufacturing companies, but unfortunately those media players does not works properly or does not supports wide range of music formats. If you are on those android users who are facing such problems with their Android smartphones, tablets and many others then we have brought you a very incredible Android media Player App apk for your android devices. That app is “Winamp Music Player” that lets you to play a very wide range of music as well as videos. Winamp Music Player supports such formats ape, tta, mpga, dff, mp3, dsf, wav, opus, ogg, wv, umx, mpc, mod, m4b, mo3, m4a, it, mp4, flac, xm, s3m, aac, and many others. I bet you that even some of you are not familiar with some of these media file’s formats. 

Moreover, this is one the lightest media players for android devices therefore, it consumes very less battery of your device. Dmitry Boldyrev and Justin Frankel made this media player in 1997. Moreover, you can have sound equalizer option by installing this fantastic Media Player Application into your android mobile. Another best feature that no other media player offers you is that you can listen internet radio in Winamp Music Player. This app is the best android app for your android device you can download this media player by clicking on download link below at the end of this page.
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