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How To Prevent Android (SmartPhones) From Hacking, Viruses, And Malwares

How To Keep AwayYour Android SmartPhones
From Hacking, Malwares And From Viruses

The United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been in a trouble for long time since the Publication of various secret documents by Wikileaks regarding CIA's disturbing activities such as its involvement in several states to create insurgencies and so on. 
How To Prevent Android (SmartPhones) From Hacking, Viruses, And Malware's
How To Prevent Android (SmartPhones) From Hacking
WikiLeaks has again disclosed some important and highly concerned documents about CIA that the agency's digital Specialists are engaged in hacking the smartphones, particularly their most targets are Android, iPhone and Microsoft smartphone users.They are developing variety of malware's and viruses to hack users' mobile Data in order to keep an eye on the whole world. Therefore, they are aware about each and every activity of smartphone users.

In order to infiltrate their viruses and malware, agency uses variety of hacking techniques such as they have developed thousands of Android, iPhone and Microsoft Applications that extracts user's whole data including login passwords into different social websites such Facebook Inn, WhatsApp Inc, Instagram Inc and so many other websites to keep an eye on user or to get private information about users therefore CIA's this activity has threatened the privacy of smartphone users across the Globe. Most particularly agency using communication Apps to get private information of mobile phone users.
How To Prevent Android (SmartPhones) From Hacking, Viruses, And Malware's
How To Prevent Android (SmartPhones) From Hacking & Viruses
However, CIA is not doing this alone, because WikiLeaks has also reveled that CIA with the collaboration of MI6 the British intelligence agency has engineered a system to make a Surveillance on smartphones, computer, and other communication tools. 

Above was a small summary of WikiLeaks' documents regarding CIA and MI6 activities which probably threatening the privacy of common people.

However, there are so many other private and government agencies or organisations Which are also trying to hack your smartphone devices to get their selfish gains or may be there are individuals or terrorists who can hack your mobile devices. As I have already mentioned that such kind of people use mobile Apps and games as a tool to infiltrate viruses into your smartphones. 

It is really hard to get rid off from these hacking Apps and hackers however it's not impossible though.
Some Tips & Tricks which keeps your android device safe
So here we have tried our best to give some tips to our viewers to prevent rather smartphone devices from hacking particularly these tips are for Android users.

1: Be Possessive Regarding your SmartPhone.
Do not give your smartphone to strangers if they ask you to have your cellphone for a while to call or text someone. Or never allow to touch your smartphone by anyone about whom you have doubt. So take a good care of your phone because this can be helpful for you to keep hackers away from you.

2: Save a Backup of your Important Data:
If you want to keep your Data safe then try to keep a backup of your cellphone's data in your computer or any laptop in order to avoid your data from losing in case of any hacking due to which you may lose your data. Moreover you can create a backup and save it on your tablet as well. 

3: Use a Strong protective Password to Avoid Hacking:
Always keep a password on your smartphone such as use a strong protective password for gallery, contacts, social websites, and other important stuff in your smartphone. But remember one thing that you must not open a hotspot of your smartphone in a public places if you do so then you must put a complex password so hackers can not get reach to your device.

4: Avoid Using Sharing Apps and Bluetooth in Public Places as well as Public WiFi.
You must avoid to use Android sharing Apps in public places, particularly try to make it sure that your device's Bluetooth is off as well as WiFi connection. Secondly, avoid using public WiFi connections such as on railway stations, Metro bus stops and so on. 

5: Avoid Same Password for All Apps and Social Websites.
Never keep a same password for your whole stuff such as social websites, Apps, gallery login password to your device and so on because it puts you in trouble if once anyone hacks your cellphone. Therefore, keep a different and complicated passwords.

6: Permission to Apps.
Now day when you install any App particularly in Android smartphones they ask permissions to get access to your contacts, email id, storage and so on, so therefore I recommend you that do not give permission to all apps or games except those on which you trust or which makes a promise to you to keep your private stuff private and secure and moreover they have international standards.

7: Change your Password weekly.
Never keep a password for long time just update your password on every week if you want to make it sure that your device is safe.

8: Avoid Downloading Unauthorized Apps.
This is really important to avoid downloading of such apps which are unauthorized, illegal, low standard and not gives you a privacy and safety assurances. Moreover do not download other files like Music, audios, videos, documents and many other things from unauthorized websites.

9: Do not Open Spam Messages or Mails.
You may receive so many mails in spam box which are used by hackers to infiltrate their viruses into your devices. Secondly do not reply to those spam mails or never download those attachments which you received in spam messages.

10: Use Rooting Apps to get Full Control on your Android SmartPhone.
If you are very experienced person in programming or Android software technology then you must use Rooting Android apps to get a 100% control on your smartphone. However, do not recommend to use these apps you don't have idea about such Apps. For those who wants to Download Android rooting Apps then you can download them from our website AndroidKhan.

These were some of the important precautions to prevent hackers from getting access to your smartphones. However, there are so many other techniques to secure our data and smartphones from hacking but we have tried to discuss selective and useful tips here on our website.
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