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Download WhatsApp Messenger v2.19.244 Latest Apk for Android

Download WhatsApp Messenger Apk for Android 
Mobiles, Smartphones And Tablets

Free Download updated WhatsApp Messenger App Apk from our website right now if you are using Android smartphones, tablet and other Android devices.
Download WhatsApp Messenger Latest Apk
Download WhatsApp Messenger Latest Apk for Android 
WhatsApp Messenger Apk is an Android Messaging Application file for Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that use Android Software. After downloading the updated Apk file of WhatsApp Messenger App, install it on your Android devices. We have provided the updated apk file of WhatsApp Messenger App at the end of this detailed description from there Android users can easily download the WhatsApp Messenger. 

WhatsApp Messenger application is considered as one of the most secure and instant messaging applications. WhatsApp Messenger has received millions of five star reviews on Play Store that is the official Android Store. WhatsApp Messenger has its own website too and you can download WhatsApp Messenger for Widows, iPhones, iOS and many other devices from its official websites however, Android users can download it form our website. WhatsApp Messenger App was officially released on January 2009 for iOS devices then later on; they released it for Android devices too. WhatsApp Messenger App is an instant messaging service as well as social media where you can put a profile picture to help your WhatsApp friends to recognize you easily. Now WhatsApp has updated a feature that allows its users to add their stories or statuses for almost 24 hours.

Founding members of WhatsApp Messenger are Jan Koum and Brian Acton while its headquarters are in California, USA. Currently WhatsApp Messenger Apk has more than one billion registered and active users that makes it best.

WhatsApp Messenger Free Voice Calls:

It is important to mention that what you can do by using WhatsApp apart from instant messaging. Therefore, I must tell you that WhatsApp Messenger Apk also allows its users to make free local as well as international voice calls with best quality voice. As I said that all the voice call are absolutely free but you need internet connection to make calls. However, there are no extra charges except using Data connection of your Android devices.

How to do Free WhatsApp Voice Calls?

  • In order to make voice calls follow below steps.
  • Open WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Tap/click on the Message icon that is available at bottom on the right side.
  • You will see the contact list.
  • Tap/click on the contact name to which you want to make voice call.
  • Then you will see the Call icon or Phone icon just click/tap on that icon.
WhatsApp Messenger Free Video Calls :

Recently updated feature of WhatsApp Messenger App has surprised its users by allowing them to make best quality Video calls locally and internationally without charging any single penny from users. Therefore, users can also make national and international Video Calls through WhatsApp Messenger for free. However, users have to enable data connection in order to do Video Calls as well as voice calls. 

How to do Free WhatsApp Video Calls?

The procedure for making free WhatsApp Video Calls is similar to free Voice Calls, so follow the above steps, which I have mentioned above in the “How to do free WhatsApp Voice Calls”.

However, there you need to do different in the last step where you have to tap/click on the “Video” icon or “Video Camera” icon to make free video calls.

WhatsApp Messenger Free Instant Messaging:

As its name says everything that WhatsApp Messenger App is a messaging Android App. therefore users can also make instant messages to their friends, family and colleagues whether they live in same country or abroad but again it works on internet there for you have to connect your device with internet.

How to make Free WhatsApp Messages?

Here you also need to follow the same steps, which I have mentioned for “How to Do WhatsApp Voice Calls” to make free conversations with your friends, family and colleagues.

WhatsApp Messenger Images and Videos:

Apart from video, voice calls and instant messaging WhatsApp users can also send and receive images as well as videos their WhatsApp contacts to share their memories and to make fun.

Furthermore, WhatsApp messenger allows its users to send and receive GIF, stickers and so many emojis to make their conversations memorable, fun and colorful.

How to Share Images and Videos on WhatsApp?

  • Follow the same steps of messaging then click/tap on the “Pin” icon.
  • Then it will pop up the option of Documents, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location and Contact.
  • Tap/click on the Gallery then share your videos or photos with your WhatsApp contacts. 
WhatsApp Messenger Documents:

WhatsApp Messenger App also allows its users to send and receive Documents like Word Document, Slides, PDF files and other Office documents, which are in soft form however to do this WhatsApp users 

How to Share Documents and PDF on WhatsApp?

  • Follow the same steps I mentioned for “how to share Images and Videos”.
  • After that click/tap on the Documents option from the menu pop up to you.
  • Then share any kind of Document or PDF file you want to share.
  • WhatsApp Messenger Contact Sharing.
WhatsApp Messenger Apk also allows its users to share any kind of contact from their device’s contact list without paying any single penny. However, users also need internet connection to share contacts.

How to Share Contacts with WhatsApp? 
  • Follow the same steps I have mentioned in “How to Share Images and Videos”.
  • Then tap/click on the “contact” from menu.
  • Select the contacts that you want to share with any friend or family member.
  • Then tap/click on the send button.
WhatsApp Messenger Location Sharing:
WhatsApp Messenger App has another fantastic feature of sharing location with WhatsApp contacts in order to inform or show your friends and family that where are you currently or from where you are texting to them. To use this feature you need to enable GPS or Location from the settings.

How to Share Location on WhatsApp:

  • It is very simple to share location with WhatsApp contacts.
  • Follow the same steps that I have mentioned for “How to Share Images and Videos on WhatsApp”.
  • Then select the location option from the menu.
  • Then tap/click on the send button.
  • But before that you have enable the Location or GPS connection from the device’s settings.
WhatsApp Messenger End-to-end encryption:

WhatsApp Messenger end-to-end encryption is one of the best and most important features of the App that is considered by its more than one billions across the globe. Because end-to-end encryption feature of WhatsApp Messenger allows its users to make their private conversations without any fear of privacy issues. 

WhatsApp Messenger Groups:

WhatsApp Messenger App group chatting is one another incredible feature of the app that allows its users to make group chat where they can share videos, photos, GIF, Emojis and stickers apart from this they can also share documents. WhatsApp Messenger users can create any kind of groups such as educational, family, friends based and so according to their own choice. There are so many local as well as international WhatsApp groups which have possess thousands of members some or for entertainment purposes and some or education whereas some groups created by news channels and news papers to keep their readers and viewers active and update.

How to Create WhatsApp Groups:

  • Creating WhatsApp group is a very simple thing. 
  • First, download WhatsApp Messenger if you do not have it on your Android device then install it or if you already have the app on your phone then it is okay. 
  • After installing WhatsApp Messenger on your phone, register your account with your mobile phone number (this step is for those users who are newer on WhatsApp).
  • Then tap/click on the contacts, if there is no option of contacts then click/tap on the icon of messaging given at bottom on right side.
  • After taping/clicking on the icon of message or contacts you will see a contact list on screen where at the top you will see the option for “New Group” just tap or click on it.
  • After taping/clicking on the “New Group”, it will show you the contact list on the screen from where you can add members according to your own choice.
  • After selecting member, you will be asked to “type group Subject here”, where you need to write name of group according to your choice.
  • If you already have a WhatsApp group and you want to add more members who are not available in your contact list then follow below steps.
  • Ask the WhatsApp contact number from the person whom you want to Add, or who wants to be a member of your group. 
  • After getting WhatsApp Contact number of that person just save it on your device or SIM on which you are using WhatsApp.
  • After saving the contact, go to the group info option by opening up your WhatsApp group and tap/click on the “Add Members”.
  • Then select that person’s contact from the contact list.
  • Then you are done.
How to Exit/Leave WhatsApp Group?

  • Leaving or exiting the WhatsApp group is very simple there is no any kind of rocket science in that. However, if you are troubling with that and you are feelings irritated from some groups then just follow below steps.
  • Open the group that you want to leave/exit.
  • Tap/click on the options button available at top right corner.
  • When you tap/click, you will see different options pop from the top right corner.
  • Just tap/click on the group info option.
  • Then you will see further different option wherein at the end you have option to “Exit Group”, click on that option.
  • You are done now.
Easy Way to Exit WhatsApp Groups:

If you want to exit any WhatsApp group easily, then just open WhatsApp Messenger then tap and press for few seconds to select the group that you want to leave, and then go to top right corner, select exit group option from the menu. 

If you want to download the latest updated version of WhatsApp Messenger Apk then click on the below download option and install.

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