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Download Textra SMS v3.40 Latest Apk for Android

Download Textra SMS Latest Apk for Android 
Mobiles, Smartphones And Tablets

Here Download Textra SMS Apk for all the android Smartphones, tablets and all those devices that works on Android Operating System. You can grab the Apk file from our Website right now. In order to download and install the Apk File of Textra SMS App tap/click on the give download button at the end of the post.
Download Textra SMS Latest Apk
Download Textra SMS Latest Apk for Android 
Textra SMS Apk is an Android Messaging Application for instant messages and it also allows its users to customize their messages. I do not know if there is any Textra SMS Pro Apk available or not but here on our website, we only provide those apps and games that are free and available publicly. Otherwise, you can go to official website to find out the Textra SMS Pro Apk. Textra SMS App revolutionizes the way of messaging by its instant way of sending and receiving messages. Furthermore, customization of users’

Text messages make Textra SMS Apk more appealing and extra from other Android Messaging Apps

Textra SMS Apk has very incredible features such as Textra SMS Apk offers you multiple themes to make it more it interesting. Moreover, there are different icon colors such as dark, light and night mode for the app to use it comfortably during nights without hurting your eyesight.

In order to make calls, texts and to delete you just need to swipe the options. You can schedule the SMS and MMS to send them later.

You can send Audio memos and you have option to choose GIFs. Apart from that you also have the option to block messages and blacklist.

Textra SMS Apk has ability to automatically compress videos and photos that you receive or you send to anyone.

You can choose your favorite themes and bubble colors. 

Features of Textra SMS Apk: 
  • Textra SMS Apk is free to download and use.
  • You have so many GIFs.
  • You can send images and videos quickly.
  • Textra SMS Apk is instant messaging application.
  • Get rid of your old version messaging apps.
  • Much more to have fun in Textra SMS Apk.
Tap/click on the download button below to download and install the instant messaging app for your Android Smartphones and tablets.

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